Kelly Moran - Moves in the Field - CD

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In Stock - Ships in 7-21 Days

New York-based composer and producer Kelly Moran’s intricate, experimental pieces transcend the piano’s more traditional and classically-imposed school of thought. On her forthcoming new album for Warp, Moran augments her pianistic abilities to superhuman levels in order to create a new strain of her singular experimental piano compositions. Hypnotic and emotive, the coming project solidifies Moran’s role as one of the leading contemporary composers for the piano, constantly pushing the instrument’s creative and sonic boundaries in the realms of classical and electronic music.

1. Butterfly Phase 2. Superhuman 3. Don’t Trust Mirror 4. Dancer Polynomials 5. Sodalis (II) 6. Leitmotif 7. It’s Okay to Disappear 8. Hypno 9. Moves in the Field 10. Solar Flare

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