Death Cab For Cutie - The Photo Album - Vinyl

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Please Note: There is some minor damage to the spine due to transit.  Please see image.

20th Anniversary Deluxe Release includes original vinyl-only track 'Gridlock Caravan' and all of the photos previously available only in the CD artwork.

Download code includes the entire album plus digital-only bonus tracks.

A1. Steadier Footing 1:47
A2. A Movie Script Ending 4:19
A3. We Laugh Indoors 4:58
A4. Information Travels Faster 4:02
A5. Why You'd Want To Live Here 4:44
A6. Gridlock Caravans 1:14
B1. Blacking Out The Friction 3:27
B2. I Was A Kaleidoscope 2:50
B3. Styrofoam Plates 5:24
B4. Coney Island 2:40
B5. Debate Exposes Doubt 4:36

Barcode: 655173902110
Release Date: 2022

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