The Zombies - Different Game - Vinyl

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This album is what the current-day Zombies were meant to make. It has the vintage qualities that made them stand out in the 1960s, yet still sounds modern and reflects their continued development as songwriters and musicians. Nine of the 10 tracks are written by Rod Argent, with the closer, "The Sun Will Rise Again," by Colin Blunstone. Rod produced the album (with engineer Dale Hanson), which includes a small string ensemble on three tracks. Rod arranged the strings for two of the songs ("Different Game" and "You Could Be My Love"), with the third ("I Want to Fly") by Chris Gunning (who scored the legendary string arrangements for Colin's 1971 debut solo album, One Year).

The band began working on this album in 2019, shortly after their Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction, but it was delayed by the pandemic - they strongly prefer to record together and capture a live band performance in the studio (just as they had to do in the 1960s). They were not willing to make this album remotely.

A1. Different Game 4:57
A2. Dropped Reeling & Stupid 3:52
A3. Rediscover 3:58
A4. Runaway 3:17
A5. You Could Be My Love 3:48
B1. Merry-Go Round 4:24
B2. Love You While I Can 3:18
B3. I Want to Fly 4:16
B4. Got To Move On 3:54
B5. The Sun Will Rise Again 3:27

Barcode: 711297538915
Release Date: 31 Mar 2023

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