In addition to our large range of Vinyl, Cassettes and CD’s that we hold in-stock here in our Adelaide warehouse, we are delighted to be able to offer you over 10,000 Special Order items that are in-stock at our partner warehouse in the USA.

Special Order’ items can be identified by the blue coloured badge below the product title as per below: 

The way the program works is, if you purchase a ‘Special Order’ item it will trigger our partner warehouse in the USA to pick the item for you and then it gets added to our weekly shipment (once your item has been picked by our USA warehouse team you will receive a notification saying that the item/s has been ‘PICKEDINUSA’ - this is just to advise you that it has been picked, placed in a box and awaiting shipment to us here at TNB.  This shipment leaves the USA each Friday night and (usually) is with us by Friday of the following week.  

When your item arrives to us we package up your order (if your order includes non Special Order items we will hold onto them until the Special Order item/s arrive) and provide you with an updated Australia Post tracking number so you can track your order to your door.

If, for example, you purchased an item on a Thursday, it should arrive to us on the following Friday (8 days later) and we will package it over the weekend and have it on its way to you on the Monday.

Our Special Order program enables you access to a massive range of Indie Exclusive titles as well as hard to find albums.  It also gives you access to titles that we just couldn’t fit into our warehouse here.  Unlike a lot of similar Special Order or Import programs, all of our listed items are IN-STOCK at the US Supplier warehouse and will be picked within 24hrs and secured for you.

Enjoy our range and our awesome Special Order program!