BLUR - Greatest Hits - CD/DVD Set


The ultimate Blur greatest hits compilation on CD/DVD beautifully packaged in a Tri-fold 2xDisc digipak with transparent picture trays.


Greatest Hits
CD-1 Coffee & TV 5:21
CD-2 Song 2 2:04
CD-3 Country House 4:00
CD-4 Out Of Time 3:53
CD-5 Beetlebum 5:07
CD-6 End Of A Century 2:49
CD-7 Parklife 3:08
CD-8 Good Song 3:10
CD-9 There's No Other Way 3:16
CD-10 Charmless Man 3:35
CD-11 Tender 7:43
CD-12 On Your Own 4:29
CD-13 Chemical World 3:55
CD-14 Girls & Boys 4:22
CD-15 She's So High 3:51
CD-16 Stereotypes 3:13
CD-17 The Universal 4:02
CD-18 To The End 3:54
CD-19 For Tomorrow 4:21
CD-20 No Distance Left To Run 3:25
Hyde Park Concert Film, July 2009
DVD-1 Intro
DVD-2 She's So High
DVD-3 Girls & Boys
DVD-4 Tracy Jacks
DVD-5 There's No Other Way
DVD-6 Jubilee
DVD-7 Badhead
DVD-8 Beetlebum
DVD-9 Out Of Time
DVD-10 Trimm Trabb
DVD-11 Coffee & TV
DVD-12 Tender
DVD-13 Country House
DVD-14 Oily Water
DVD-15 Chemical World
DVD-16 Sunday Sunday
DVD-17 Parklife
DVD-18 End Of The Century
DVD-19 To The End
DVD-20 This Is A Low
DVD-21 Popscene
DVD-22 Advert
DVD-23 Song 2
DVD-24 Death Of A Party
DVD-25 For Tomorrow
DVD-26 The Universal

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