Charles Mingus - The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady (Verve Acoustic Sounds Series) - Vinyl

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Described by Mingus himself as “ethnic folk-dance music,” The Black Saint & The Sinner Lady is a single song cycle rather than a traditional jazz album of separate tracks. The intricate arrangements and raw emotional swings of the piece make it a highlight of Mingus’ career, and one of the most compelling listens in jazz.

1 Solo Dancer (Stop! and Listen, Sinner Jim Whitney!)
2 Duet Solo Dancers (Heart's Beat and Shades in Physical Embraces)
3 Group Dancers ([Soul Fusion] Freewoman and Oh This Freedom's Slave Cries)

1 Trio and Group Dancers (Stop! Look! and Sing Songs of Revolutions!)
2 Single Solos and Group Dance (Saint and Sinner Join in Merriment on Battle Front)
3 Group and Solo Dance (Of Love, Pain, and Passioned Revolt, Then Farewell, My Beloved, 'Til It's Freedom Day)

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