Cotton Mather - Kontiki Deluxe Edition - CD

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In Stock - Ships in 7-21 Days

Opening KON TIKI with a jarring blast of backwards tapes, Cotton Mather launches into the euphoric jolt of "Camp Hill Rail Operator," sounding like a lost track from The Beatles' REVOLVER, and that's not the last time that obvious touchstone will surfaces here. Much, if not all, of this disc resembles that landmark recording. Though many have aped The Beatles down through the years, Cotton Mather brings something different to the table; an earnest passion, zeal and just plain old crunch that gives their performances life and urgency. Some may protest that this is an old, tired formula, but Cotton Mather makes it sound fresh and bright. It's some mighty handsome music from some mighty ugly guys.

1.1 Camp Hill Rail Operator
1.2 Homefront Cameo
1.3 Spin My Wheels
1.4 My Before And After
1.5 Private Ruth
1.6 Vegetable Row
1.7 Aurora Bori Alice
1.8 Church Of Wilson
1.9 Lily Dreams On
1.10 Password
1.11 Animal Show Drinking Song
1.12 Prophecy For The Golden Age
1.13 She's Only Cool
1.14 Autumn's Birds
2.1 Homefront Cameo (4-Track)
2.2 Pine Box Builder No.3
2.3 Camp Hill Rail Operator (Acoustic)
2.4 Little Star
2.5 Baby Freeze Queen No.1
2.6 Altar Boy (Live To ADAT)
2.7 Flying Annie's Kite
2.8 Innocent Street (Acoustic)
2.9 Spin My Wheels (Electric)
2.10 Church Of Wilson (4-Track)
2.11 Private Ruth (Acoustic)
2.12 The Gold Gone Days

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