DANZIG 777 - I Luciferi - Vinyl LP Record



Unofficial reissue on coloured vinyl.

Danzig 777: I Luciferi /ˌiː ˌluːsɪˈfɛraɪ/ is the seventh album from Danzig. It was released in 2002 on Glenn Danzig's Evilive label and distributed by Spitfire Records. Danzig stated that this album was the last in a series of seven numbered albums, each with its own general concept.


Unendlich 1:51
Black Mass 4:58
Wicked Pussycat 4:03
God Of Light 3:39
Liberskull 5:45
Dead Inside 5:16
Kiss The Skull 4:11
I Luciferi 3:15
Naked Witch 3:55
Angel Blake 3:35
The Coldest Sun 3:59
Halo Goddess Bone 4:29
Without Light, I Am 5:32

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