DAVID COVERDALE - White Snake - Vinyl LP Record


David Coverdale - "White Snake" - David Coverdale's decision to quit Deep Purple in the spring of 1976 allowed him to start work on his first ever solo album, "White Snake".

Exiled in Germany and unable to form a band, the low-key release, recorded with the help of guitarist Micky Moody, was the first tentative step towards what became a hugely successful career with the band who took their name from this album. On limited edition coke bottle clear vinyl


  • - Side 1 -
  • 1 Lady
  • 2 Blindman
  • 3 Goldies Place
  • 4 Whitesnake

  • - Side 2 -
  • 1 Time on My Side
  • 2 Peace Lovin' Man
  • 3 Sunny Days
  • 4 Hole in the Sky
  • 5 Celebration

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