FRANK OCEAN - Nostalgia, Ultra - CD


NostalgiaUltra (stylized as nostalgia,ULTRA. and occasionally nostalgia/ultra) is the debut mixtape by American singer Frank Ocean. It was released on February 16, 2011. Ocean was inspired to make the mixtape after Hurricane Katrina in his native New Orleans and his subsequent relocation to Los Angeles.

Please note this is an unofficial release, pressed to a CD-R with high quality artwork prints.


Street Fighter 0:22
Strawberry Swing 3:55
Novacane 5:02
We All Try 2:51
Bitches Talkin' 0:22
Songs For Women 4:13
Lovecrimes 4:00
Goldeneye 0:18
There Will Be Tears 3:14
Swim Good 4:16
Dust 2:33
American Wedding 7:00
Soul Calibur 0:18
Nature Feels 3:43

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