Frank Zappa - Live in Sydney 1973 - CD

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Word on the street among serious Zappaphiles is that the greatest line-up of all was the ‘74 Roxy & Elsewhere band. For official releases this may be the case but the short lived group that immediately preceded Roxy was, it seems, even better. Recruited specifically to play  “difficult versions” and instrumental arrangements, the 1973 touring nine-piece was packed with virtuosos and the extended opening medley here is arguably one of the best Zappa ever committed to tape. 

George Duke’s keyboard arsenal is centre stage, Ruth Underwood is already in place, her husband Ian is yet to split for Hollywood, Grand Wazoo trumpet star Sal Marquez features as does violinist Jean-Luc Ponty and one-in-a-million trombonist Bruce Fowler. His brother Tom, perhaps Zappa’s most underrated bassist, and jazz drummer Ralph Humphrey complete the line-up. 
The repertoire is taken mainly from Over-Nite Sensation and Apostrophe with additional pieces from Uncle Meat, Hot Rats and Chunga’s Revenge
Performed live at the Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, Australia on June 24th 1973 and broadcast by Circle J Radio. 

Disc 1 

1 Intro by Zappa/Dupree's Paradise/Jam/Solos/Jam/Dupree's Paradise Reprise 

2 Exercise #4/Dog Breath/Uncle Meat 

3 Fifty-Fifty 

4 Montana 

5 Don't Eat Yellow Snow 

Disc 2 

1 Nanook Rubs It 

2 St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast 

3 Father O'Blivion/Jam/Frank's Rant 

4 Vivian O'Blivion 

5 Son Of Mr. Green Genes/King Kong/Chunga's Revenge 

Barcode: 3851137306025

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