Frank Zappa - Zappa ’80: Mudd Club - Vinyl

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Frank Zappa -"Zappa '80: Mudd Club" During the 1980 spring/summer tour, Frank Zappa played a set at his favorite NYC nightclub - the famous Mudd Club. Zappa adored the place and ever wrote a song dedicated to it. The complete performance is included on two 45rpm 180-gram vinyl LPs and mastered by Bernie Grundman in 2022. The package features photography and memoir from George Alper (who worked for Frank Zappa and was at the event), along with liner notes from Arthur Barrow, Steve Vai and 'Vaultmeister' Joe Traver. [2 LP] [45 RPM]


1 Mudd Club Show Start
2 Chunga's Revenge
3 Keep It Greasy
4 Outside Now

1 City of Tiny Lites
2 Pound for a Brown
3 You Are What You Is

1 You Didn't Try to Call Me
2 I Ain't Got No Heart
3 Love of My Life
4 Easy Meat

1 Mudd Club
2 The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
3 Joe's Garage
4 Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?

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