Genesis - Calling All Stations - Vinyl

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Genesis: Ray Wilson (vocals); Mike Rutherford (guitar); Tony Banks (keyboards).
Additional personnel: Nir Zidkyahu, Nick D'Virgilio (drums).
Producers: Nick Davis, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford.
Recorded at The Farm, Surrey, England.
CALLING ALL STATIONS, Genesis' first post-Phil Collins release finds founding members Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford rebounding nicely in a situation that would debilitate many other bands. Newcomer Ray Wilson has a vocal style reminiscent of Paul Carrack that neatly falls between his predecessors Collins and Peter Gabriel. Musically, the band continues along the same art-rock path of seamless songs marked by slick guitar-and-keyboard textures. Never going beyond mid-tempo at any point, Genesis mixes in dollops of Brazilian percussion ("Congo") and pseudo-funk ("Small Talk"). CALLING ALL STATIONS is a carefully-constructed record that coolly ebbs and flows as Wilson makes his mark with this British institution.

  • Genre: Pop
  • Format: Vinyl

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