GENESIS - Greatest Hits - 2 CD Set



The ultimate Genesis greatest hits compilation on 2 CD's beautifully packaged in a Tri-fold 2xCD digipak with transparent picture trays.


1-1 Dance On A Volcano
1-2 Entangled
1-3 Squonk
1-4 Mad Man Moon
1-5 A Trick Of The Tail
1-6 Eleventh Earl Of Mar
1-7 One For The Vine
1-8 Blood On The Rooftops
1-9 Undertow
1-10 Snowbound
1-11 Burning Rope
1-12 Many Too Many
1-13 Evidence Of Autumn
2-1 Turn It On Again
2-2 Behind The Lines
2-3 Misunderstanding
2-4 Me And Sarah Jane
2-5 Abacab
2-6 Mama
2-7 That's All
2-8 Invisible Touch
2-9 Tonight Tonight Tonight
2-10 Land Of Confusion
2-11 No Son Of Mine
2-12 Jesus He Knows Me
2-13 I Can't Dance
2-14 Tell Me Why
2-15 Hold On My Hear

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