IRON MAIDEN - Greatest Hits - 2 CD Set



The ultimate Iron Maiden greatest hits compilation on 2 CD's beautifully packaged in a Tri-fold 2xCD digipak with transparent picture trays.


1-1 Phantom Of The Opera
1-2 Wrathchild
1-3 Killers
1-4 The Number Of The Beast
1-5 Run To The Hills
1-6 The Trooper
1-7 Flight Of Icarus
1-8 Aces High
1-9 2 Minutes To Midnight
1-10 Wasted Years
1-11 Heaven Can Wait
1-12 The Evil That Men Do
1-13 The Clairvoyant
1-14 Holy Smoke
1-15 Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter
1-16 Be Quick Or Be Dead
2-1 Fear Of The Dark
2-2 From Here To Eternity
2-3 Man On The Edge
2-4 Futureal
2-5 Brave New World
2-6 The Wicker Man
2-7 Rainmaker
2-8 Wildest Dreams
2-9 Different World
2-10 The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg
2-11 El Dorado
2-12 If Eternity Should Fail
2-13 Speed Of Light
2-14 The Book Of Souls

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