IRON MAIDEN - Somewhere Back In Time / From Fear To Eternity - Vinyl LP Record Bundle

Both Maiden greatest Hits albums on PICTURE DISC together in 1 bundle.


Double picture disc vinyl LP pressing of the 2008 compilation from the Metal giants featuring the most essential tracks pulled from their first seven studio albums and live set, released between 1980-89. Iron Maiden have prevailed over the world of Heavy Metal for almost thirty years, and this release celebrates the first decade of the band and their magical Metal attack. 15 tracks including 'Aces High', 'The Trooper', 'The Number of the Beast', 'Run to the Hills' and many others.

Churchill's Speech 0:49
Aces High 4:36
2 Minutes To Midnight 6:00
The Trooper 4:11
Wasted Years 5:06
Children Of The Damned 4:35
The Number Of The Beast 4:53
Run To The Hills 3:53
Phantom Of The Opera 7:11
The Evil That Men Do 4:34
Wrathchild 3:07
Can I Play With Madness 3:31
Powerslave 6:47
Hallowed Be Thy Name 7:12
Iron Maiden 4:20


Triple vinyl picture disc LP presing. 2011 collection from the Heavy Metal heroes containing their finest recordings from 1990-2010. From Fear to Eternity is a chance for new fans to explore the group's rich history, with the highlights of their last eight studio albums distilled into this handy collection, which follows 2009's Somewhere Back in Time compilation of their earlier work from 1980-1990.

Perennial favorites found on this album include songs also featured on Maiden's current the Final Frontier World Tour set list; tracks such as "Fear of the Dark," "The Wicker Man," "Blood Brothers" and "Dance of Death" sit alongside recent classics "El Dorado" and the hauntingly evocative "When the Wild Wind Blows." It also includes singles like "Holy Smoke" and "Be Quick Or Be Dead" together with more progressive thought-provoking album tracks like "Afraid to Shoot Strangers" and "For the Greater Good of God."


The Wicker Man 4:36
Holy Smoke 3:49
El Dorado 6:49
Paschendale 8:27
Different World 4:18
Man On The Edge 4:33
The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg 7:21
Blood Brothers 7:14
Rainmaker 3:49
Sign Of The Cross 10:51
Brave New World 6:20
Fear Of The Dark 7:51
Be Quick Or Be Dead 3:24
Tailgunner 4:15
No More Lies 7:22
Coming Home 5:53
The Clansman 9:28
For The Greater Good Of God 9:24
These Colours Don't Run 6:53
Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter 4:44
Afraid To Shoot Strangers 6:56
Dance Of Death 8:37
When The Wild Wind Blows 11:02

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