JERRY CANTRELL - Degradation Trip 1 & 2 - Vinyl LP Record


Limited four 180gm vinyl LP set. Includes 12-page booklet.

Degradation Trip is the second solo album by Alice in Chains lead guitarist Jerry Cantrell.

The musical rhythms are comparable to his former band, but the shorter songs are balanced with long prog-rock epics. For those who loved the band's slow and doomy riffs, this is a massive two-hour voyage through whatever Cantrell could dig up.

The expanded limited (1&2) edition consists of all the material he recorded in the Degradation Trip sessions.

Jerry's backing band consists of Mike Bordin (Faith No More) and Robert Trujillo (Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves, Metallica).


Degradation Trip Volume 1
A1 Psychotic Break 4:08
A2 Bargain Basement Howard Hughes 5:38
A3 Owned 5:18
B1 Angel Eyes 4:44
B2 Solitude 4:00
B3 Mother's Spinning In Her Grave (Glass Dick Jones) 3:53
C1 Hellbound 6:45
C2 Spiderbite 6:37
C3 Pro False Idol 7:17
D1 Feel The Void 6:56
D2 Locked On 5:36
D3 Gone 5:08
Degradation Trip Volume 2
E1 Castaway 4:58
E2 Chemical Tribe 6:35
E3 What It Takes 4:44
F1 Dying Inside 6:25
F2 Siddhartha 6:02
F3 Hurts Don't It? 4:46
G1 She Was My Girl 3:59
G2 Pig Charmer 8:10
G3 Anger Rising
Guitar [Additional] – Chris DeGarmo
H1 S.O.S. 5:06
H2 Give It A Name 4:01
H3 Thanks Anyway 5:26
H4 31/32 7:25

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