Liam Gallagher - C’mon You Know - Vinyl

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‘C’MON YOU KNOW’ follows the huge success of Liam’s previous studio albums ‘As You Were’ (2017) and ‘Why Me? Why Not.’ (2019), which established his iconic status for a whole new generation. His ‘MTV Unplugged’ also went straight to #1 on the Official Album Chart.

Between his triumphs as a solo artist and his phenomenal success with Oasis, Liam has spent a combined total of almost six months at #1 across eleven chart-topping albums

Track Listing:

More Power
Diamond In The Dark
Don't Go Halfway
C'mon You Know
Too Good For Giving Up
It Was Not Meant To Be
Everything's Electric
World's In Need
Moscow Rules
I'm Free
Better Days
Oh Sweet Children

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