Madvillain - Instrumentals - Vinyl

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In Stock - Ships in 7-21 Days

MF DOOM and Madlib are Madvillain. The two met in 2002 and soon began working on Madvillainy which would be finished over the next year and released in March 2004.

The music on Madvillainy went against the grain of all popular conventions in contemporary hip-hop: short songs, dirty sound, no choruses, and with lyrical themes which were not always clear to everyone on first listen.

The album received the highest critical praise of a hip-hop album released in 2004, and years later has continued to generate interest and controversy.

This modern classic, while previously available only in a plain sleeve, is given the proper treatment of a full color jacket.

Track Listing:

1 Accordian (Instrumental)
2 Meat Grinder (Instrumental)
3 Raid (Instrumental)
4 America's Most Blunted (Instrumental)
5 Rainbows (Instrumental)
6 Curls (Instrumental)
7 Money Folder (Instrumental)
8 Shadows of Tomorrow (Instrumental)
9 Operation Lifesaver (Instrumental)
10 Figaro (Instrumental)
11 Hardcore Hustle (Instrumental)
12 Strange Ways (Instrumental)
13 Fancy Clown (Instrumental)
14 Eye (Instrumental)
15 All Caps (Instrumental)
16 Great Day (Instrumental)
17 Rhinestone Cowboy (Instrumental)

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