METALLICA - Justice For Melbourne 1989 - CD


Recorded live at Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia, 04/05/89.

Audience recording from the infamous 1989 show in Melbourne, Australia.

Please note this is an unofficial release, pressed to a CD-R with high quality artwork prints.


1-1 Introduction / Ecstasy Of Gold
1-2 Blackened
1-3 For Whom The Bell Tolls
1-4 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
1-5 Harvester Of Sorrow
1-6 Eye Of The Beholder
1-7 Jason Newsted Bass Solo
1-8 To Live Is To Die Jam
1-9 Master Of Puppets
1-10 One
1-11 Seek And Destroy
1-12 ...And Justice For All
2-1 Black Night Jam
2-2 Creeping Death
2-3 Fade To Black
2-4 Kirk Hammett Guitar Solo / Little Wing
2-5 Battery
2-6 Jam Feat. Symptom Of The Universe / Run To The Hills / Helpless
2-7 Last Caress
2-8 Am I Evil?
2-9 Whiplash
2-10 Breadfan

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