MIDNIGHT OIL - Self Titled - Vinyl LP Record


180gm Vinyl Reissue!

Already well on their way to becoming one of the best live acts this country has ever produced, Midnight Oil released their debut album on their own, newly-formed label, Powderworks, in 1978.

A kind of pre-politicised version of the Oils, some of the many mighty tracks include "Used And Abused" and the single "Run By Night". Only a hint of what was to come...

Newly remastered for vinyl, 180gm audiophile vinyl



    LP - SIDE A

    • 1. Powderworks
    • 2. Head Over Heels
    • 3. Dust
    • 4. Used And Abused

    LP - SIDE B

    • 1. Surfing With A Spoon
    • 2. Run By Night
    • 3. Nothing Lost - Nothing Gained

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