NIRVANA - Nevermind - Super Deluxe CD Box Set


4 CD. 1 DVD. SUPER DELUXE. This Super Deluxe Version of NEVERMIND includes the original remastered album, studio and live B-sides, pre-NEVERMIND demos and more.

Also includes a DVD which features Nirvana's 1991 concert at the Paramount.


. Original Album
CD1-1. Smells Like Teen Spirit 5:01
CD1-2. In Bloom 4:15
CD1-3. Come As You Are 3:38
CD1-4. Breed 3:04
CD1-5. Lithium 4:17
CD1-6. Polly 2:57
CD1-7. Territorial Pissings 2:22
CD1-8. Drain You 3:43
CD1-9. Lounge Act 2:36
CD1-10. Stay Away 3:32
CD1-11. On A Plain 3:16
CD1-12a. Something In The Way 3:50
CD1-12b. [silence] 0:16
CD1-12c. Endless, Nameless 6:56
. B-Sides
CD1-13. Even In His Youth 3:03
CD1-14. Aneurysm 4:46
CD1-15. Curmudgeon 2:59
CD1-16. D-7 (Live At The BBC) 3:45
CD1-17. Been A Son (Live) 2:31
CD1-18. School (Live) 2:33
CD1-19. Drain You (Live) 3:53
CD1-20. Sliver (Live) 2:04
CD1-21. Polly (Live) 2:47
. The Smart Studio Sessions
CD2-2. Immodium (Breed) 3:15
CD2-5. Pay To Play 3:29
CD2-6. Here She Comes Now 5:01
CD2-7. Dive 3:55
CD2-8. Sappy 3:37
. The Boombox Rehearsals
CD2-10. Verse Chorus Verse 3:14
CD2-14. Old Age 4:22
. BBC Sessions
. The Devonshire Mixes
. Live At The Paramount
CD4-1. Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam 3:29
CD4-4. School 2:51
CD4-5. Floyd The Barber 2:27
CD4-7. About A Girl 3:13
CD4-10. Sliver 2:11
CD4-11. Love Buzz 3:34
CD4-13. Been A Son 2:15
CD4-14. Negative Creep 2:43
CD4-16. Blew 4:09
CD4-17. Rape Me 2:59
. Extras
DVD-20. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Music Video) 4:38
DVD-21. Come As You Are (Music Video) 3:46
DVD-22. Lithium (Music Video) 4:15
DVD-23. In Bloom (Music Video) 4:59


Barcode and Other Identifiers:

Barcode 6 02527 77905 8


Distributed By Universal Music Distribution
Phonographic Copyright (p) Geffen Records
Copyright (c) Geffen Records


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