NOFX - Ribbed - Vinyl

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Recorded at West Beach Recorders, Los Angeles, California in September 1990.

Before NOFX became the fathers of humorous but hard-edged punk rock, they were just four pretty obnoxious Californians with a penchant for fast music and dirty jokes. Ribbed isn't exactly the group's breakthrough into content filled rock, but their typically hard-edged punk has enough dirty humor that anyone with their mind in the gutter should at least get few smirks over the course of the record.

Besides the sophomoric gross out of "The Moron Brothers" and the double-entendre ridden "Together on the Sand," none of these songs have even made it into the later live shows of the band, and the reason is pretty obvious.

Among tracks about not showering and fake boobs, the group runs through their typical gamut of punk styles, but there is nothing as immediately catchy or edgy as their later work and more often than not the songs are far from memorable high speed rants about nothing.

Track Listing:

Green Corn 1:44
The Moron Brothers 2:26
Showerdays 2:10
Food, Sex, & Ewe 1:47
Just The Flu 2:03
El Lay 1:14
New Boobs 3:27

Cheese/Where's My Slice? 2:16
Together On The Sand 1:12
Nowhere 1:34
Brain Constipation 2:24
Gonoherpasyphlaids 1:43
I Don't Want You Around 1:39
The Malachi Crunch 2:53

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