Of Monsters And Men - My Head Is an Animal - Vinyl

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In 2012, Of Monsters and Men reissued their first Icelandic album, first published in 2011, for stateside release with new artwork and an alternate track list.

Two songs, "Mountain Sound" and "Slow and Steady," were added for My Head Is an Animal. Either album serves as a good introduction to the six-piece's theatrical bombast, robust instrumentation, and sweet guy/girl harmonies.

Those who find the emotional spirit of Arcade Fire endearing, and appreciate accordions and trumpets with their rock, will find a lot to like here.

Track Listing:

1 Dirty Paws
2 King and Lionheart
3 Mountain Sound
4 Slow and Steady
5 From Finner
6 Little Talks
7 Six Weeks
8 Love Love Love
9 Your Bones
10 Sloom
11 Lakehouse
12 Yellow Light

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