Puscifer - Existential Reckoning - Cassette

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Puscifer, one of the many side-projects led by Tool/Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan, returns with their fourth full-length effort, Existential Reckoning which follows-up 2015's Money Shot. The experimental rock band's current lineup is rounded out by singer-keyboardist Carina Round and multi-instrumentalist Mat Mitchell while guest contributions here are also made by Greg Edwards (Failure), and drummers Gunnar Olsen and Sarah Jones. Existential Reckoning was recorded and mixed by Mitchell at Puscifer Studios in North Hollywood, California and is introduced by the singular tracks "Apocalyptical" and "The Underwhelming."

A1. Bread And Circus
A2. Apocalyptical
A3. The Underwhelming
A4. Grey Area
A5. Theorem
A6. UPGrade
B1. Bullet Train To Iowa
B2. Personal Prometheus
B3. A Singularity
B4. Postulous
B5. Fake Affront
B6. Bedlamite

Barcode: 4050538644074
Release Date: 2021-02-26

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