Run-DMC - King of Rock - Vinyl

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Rap would never be the same after Run-D.M.C. arrived in '83. Their self-titled debut LP wrested rap from the joyous block-party vibe and made it raw, gritty and mean, and they broke down even more doors with "King of Rock" ('85). Unlike the bouncy, funky stuff of old, Run-D.M.C. rocked the rap here, putting a charge into it that made them rap kings AND rock stars. Here, on 180-gram vinyl, are their crucial cuts (and R&B hits) "King of Rock," "You Talk Too Much," "Jam-Master Jammin'," "Can You Rock It Like This" and more! Music on Vinyl.

Track Listing:

1 Rock the House
2 King of Rock
3 You Talk Too Much
4 Jam-Master Jammin'
5 Roots, Rap, Reggae - Featuring Yellowman
6 Can You Rock It Like This
7 You're Blind
8 It's Not Funny
9 Darryl and Joe (Krush-Groove 3)

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