SAMMY HAGAR & THE CIRCLE - Lockdown 2020 - CD



Sammy Hagar and the Circle have added some hard-rock heft to David Bowie’s “Heroes,” the latest song they’ve released from their quarantine recording sessions and the lead single from their upcoming Lockdown 2020 album.

Guitarist Vic Johnson leans into the song’s riff and conjures washes of sound for the verses, while Hagar wails the vocals in the way only he can, and bassist Michael Anthony and drummer Jason Bonham keep the track on course with a steady rhythm. All proceeds from the song will go to food banks around the U.S.

Lockdown 2020 contains songs that the group recorded this year while in isolation after the Covid-19 pandemic made touring impossible. In addition to one original, “Funky Feng Shui,” they tackled tunes by the Who, Bob Marley, AC/DC, Buffalo Springfield, Little Richard, and, of course, Van Halen and Hagar’s solo career. The album will be available on January 8th, and preorders include “Heroes” as an instant-gratification song.


1 Funky Feng Shui
2 Won't Get Fooled Again (The Who)
3 Good Enough (Van Halen)
4 Three Little Birds (Bob Marley)
5 Whole Lotta Rosie (Ac/Dc)
6 For What It's Worth (Buffalo Springfield)
7 Keep A-Knockin' (Little Richard)
8 Right Now (Van Halen)
9 Don't Tell Me What Love Can Do (Van Halen)
10 Sympathy for the Human (Sammy Hagar & the Wabos)
11 Heroes (David Bowie)

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