Punk 45 - I’m A Mess! D-I-Y Or Die! Art, Trash & Neon - Vinyl

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Double vinyl LP pressing. Soul Jazz Records' long-lasting Punk 45 series are high-quality editions of early punk 45s.

While previous editions have focused on the early days of punk in Los Angeles, Cleveland, Akron, France, and proto-punk, this new edition focuses on mainly do-it-yourself, or self-released 45s, all made in the UK in the early days of punk.

While only a handful of Punk 45s were released in 1976, the following two years produced an avalanche of them.

Aside from the few punk bands who signed to major labels, many of these singles were self-released private press 45s or independent label 45s.

With limited distribution and access to the media, many of these sunk without trace and were lost in history.

This album features many of these independent punk 45 gems, lost nuggets of gold from the sea of time!

The bands featured here come from all across the United Kingdom. Here you will find The Drive, Scotland's answer to the New York Dolls, Dansette Damage from Newcastle, Stormtrooper from the Isle of Wight and many more - a snapshot of some of the finest private-press 45s ever made.

Other bands include Cybermen, The Exile, Neon as well as the early punk incarnations Johnny and The Self-Abusers (who later became Simple Minds) and The Killjoys (led by Kevin Rowland who later formed Dexy's Midnight Runners). These are all one-off and super rare releases from bands that you have probably never heard of - totally hidden gems from the wastelands of the early days of punk!

Totally in keeping with the spirit of the time, this is high-octane, righteously-independent - DIY or die!

Track Listing:

- Side 1 -
1 The Art Attacks - I Am a Dalek
2 The Drive - Jerkin
3 Johnny and the Self Abusers - Saints and Sinners
4 Trash - Priorities
5 The Carpettes - Help I'm Trapped

- Side 2 -
1 Stormtrooper - I'm a Mess
2 The Electric Chairs - So Many Ways
3 Social Security - I Don't Want My Heart to Rule My Head
4 Neon Hearts - Venus Eccentric

- Side 3 -
1 The Cybermen - Cybernetic Surgery
2 The Killjoys - Naive
3 The Reducers - Things Go Wrong
4 Johnny Moped - No One
5 Neon - Bottles

- Side 4 -
1 Speed Freak
2 The Exile - Fascist DJ
3 Lucy - Feel So Good
4 Machines - True Life
5 Dansette Damage - N.M.E

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