WARPAINT - Warpaint - LP Vinyl Record


Warpaint was recorded and mixed by Flood, aside from two songs that were mixed by Nigel Godrich. The album was conceived after some truly inspirational writing and recording sessions that took place in the Joshua Tree late last year. The band was joined there by visionary director Chris Cunningham, who has partnered with them for many of the album visuals including the cover. He spent two years filming and photographing the band as they made new music.

Track LIsting: 

A1. Intro 1:51
A2. Keep It Healthy 4:01
A3. Love Is To Die 4:51
A4. Hi 5:10
B1. Biggy 5:55
B2. Teese 4:41
B3. Disco//Very 4:04
B4. Go In 4:00
C1. Feeling Alright 3:32
C2. CC 3:48
C3. Drive 5:11
C4. Son 4:06 

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