Frank Zappa - Beat The Boots! - Vinyl Box Set

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Really nice copy! All LP's and their sleeves are in great condition, box has wear (as expected for its age). Badge is included however there is not T-Shirt in this set.

. As An Am
A1. Frank Zappa - That Makes Me Mad
A2. Frank Zappa - Young & Monde
A3. Frank Zappa - Sharleena
B1. Frank Zappa - Black Napkins
B2. Frank Zappa - Black Page II2 [The Black Page #2]
B3. Frank Zappa - The Torture Never Stops
. The Ark
C1. The Mothers - Big Leg Emma
C2. The Mothers - Some Ballet Music
C3. The Mothers - Status Back Baby
C4. The Mothers - Valarie
C5. The Mothers - My Guitar
D. The Mothers - Uncle Meat / King Kong (Medley)
. Freaks And Motherfu*#@%!
E1. Frank Zappa - Happy Together
E2. Frank Zappa - Wino Man-With Dr. John Routine
E3. Frank Zappa - Concentration Moon
E4. Frank Zappa - Pallidan Routine
E5. Frank Zappa - Call Any Vegetable
F1. Frank Zappa - Little House I Used To Live In
F2. Frank Zappa - Mudshark Variations
F3. Frank Zappa - Holiday In Berlin
F4. Frank Zappa - Sleeping In A Jar
F5. Frank Zappa - Cruising For Burgers
. Unmitigated Audacity
G1. Frank Zappa, The Mothers - Untitled Instrumental [Dupree's Paradise]
G2. Frank Zappa, The Mothers - It Can't Happen Here
G3. Frank Zappa, The Mothers - Hungry Freaks, Daddy
G4. Frank Zappa, The Mothers - You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here
G5. Frank Zappa, The Mothers - How Could I Be Such A Fool
G6. Frank Zappa, The Mothers - I Ain't Got No Heart
G7. Frank Zappa, The Mothers - I'm Not Satisfied
G8. Frank Zappa, The Mothers - Wowie Zowie
G9. Frank Zappa, The Mothers - Let's Make The Water Turn Black
G10. Frank Zappa, The Mothers - Harry, You're A Beast
H1. Frank Zappa, The Mothers - Oh No
H2. Frank Zappa, The Mothers - More Trouble Every Day
H3. Frank Zappa, The Mothers - Louie Louie
H4. Frank Zappa, The Mothers - Camarillo Brillo
. Anyway The Wind Blows - Frank In Paris
I1. Frank Zappa - Watermelon In Easter Hay
I2. Frank Zappa - Dead Girls Of London
I3. Frank Zappa - Ain't Got No Heart
I4. Frank Zappa - Brown Shoes Don't Make It
I5. Frank Zappa - Cosmic Debris
J1. Frank Zappa - Tryin' To Grow A Chin
J2. Frank Zappa - City Of Tiny Lights
J3. Frank Zappa - Dancin' Fool
J4. Frank Zappa - Easy Meat
K1. Frank Zappa - Jumbo Go Away
K2. Frank Zappa - Andy
K3. Frank Zappa - Inca Roads
K4. Frank Zappa - Florentine Pogen
L1. Frank Zappa - Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?
L2. Frank Zappa - Keep It Greasy
L3. Frank Zappa - The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
L4. Frank Zappa - Another Cheap Aroma
L5. Frank Zappa - Wet T-Shirt Night
L6. Frank Zappa - Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?
L7. Frank Zappa - Titties And Beer [Peaches En Regalia]
. 'Tis The Season To Be Jelly
M1. The Mothers - You Didn't Try To Call Me
M2. The Mothers - Petroushka
M3. The Mothers - Bristol Stomp
M4. The Mothers - Baby Love
M5. The Mothers - Big Leg Emma
M6. The Mothers - No Matter What You Do (Interpolating Tchaikovsky's Sixth Symphony)
M7. The Mothers - Blue Suede Shoes
M8. The Mothers - Hound Dog
M9. The Mothers - Gee
N1. The Mothers - King Kong
N2. The Mothers - It Can't Happen Here
. Saarbrücken 1978
O1. Frank Zappa - Dancin' Fool
O2. Frank Zappa - Easy Meat
O3. Frank Zappa - Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?
O4. Frank Zappa - Keep It Greasy
O5. Frank Zappa - Village Of The Sun
P1. Frank Zappa - The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
P2. Frank Zappa - City Of Tiny Lights
P3. Frank Zappa - Pound For A Brown
Q1. Frank Zappa - Bobby Brown
Q2. Frank Zappa - Conehead
Q3. Frank Zappa - Flakes
Q4. Frank Zappa - Magic Finger
Q5. Frank Zappa - Don't Eat The Yellow Snow
R1. Frank Zappa - Nanook Rubs It
R2. Frank Zappa - Saint Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast
R3. Frank Zappa - Rollo
R4. Frank Zappa - Bamboozled By Love
. Piquantique
S1. Frank Zappa, The Mothers - Kung Fu
S2. Frank Zappa, The Mothers - Redunzl [RDNZL]
S3. Frank Zappa, The Mothers - Dupree's Paradise
S4. Frank Zappa, The Mothers - T'Mershi Duween
T. Frank Zappa, The Mothers - Father O'Blivion

Barcode: 081227090715
Release Date: 04 Jun 1991

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