Cinderella The Musical - London Cast Recording - Vinyl

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Double vinyl LP pressing. 2021 release. Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cinderella album features the original cast recording of the highly anticipated 2021 theatre production.

A1. Buns 'N' Roses
A2. It Has To Be Her
A3. Bad Cinderella
A4. So Long
B1. Unfair
B2. Unbreakable
B3. Hunks Song
B4. Man's Man
B5. So Long (Reprise) / Introduction To Only You, Lonely You
B6. Only You, Lonely You
C1. The Queen's Boudoir In The Palace
C2. I Know You
C3. I Know You (Reprise)
C4. The Village Square
C5. Unfair (Reprise)
C6. The Godmothers Shop
C7. Beauty Has A Price
D1. Fanfare
D2. The Cinderella Waltz
D3. The Ball
D4. I Know I Have A Heart
E1. Act 2 Scene 2
E2. I Am No Longer Me
E3. Moment Of Triumph
E4. What Were You Thinking / Introduction To Far Too Late
E5. Far Too Late
E6. Ego Has A Price (Reprise)
E7. The Wedding Fanfare
E8. The Wedding March
E9. The Ceremony
E10. The Vanquishing Of The Three-Headed Sea Witch
F1. Man's Man (Reprise)
F2. Marry For Love
F3. Cinderella's Soliloquy
F4. The Wedding Party
F5. Finale
. Bonus Tracks
F6. Marry For Love (Full Version)
F7. Only You, Lonely You (Todrick Hall Version)

Barcode: 602435379654
Release Date: 2021-07-09

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