Buzzcocks - The Way - Clear Vinyl

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Re-issue of Buzzcocks' 9th studio album 'The Way' on stunning CLEAR vinyl!

It was their first album since 2006 and ninth overall, Shelley and Diggle delivered their patented fuzzed out melodies with traces of surf rock, hard rock and influences from both Ramones and The Beatles. Shelley’s voice sounded great, especially considering his age, and the hooks and riff heavy sounds are a great reminder of the legacy these legends are still cultivating. This clear vinyl is surely a must-have for any Buzzcocks fan collection!

Track Listing:

A1 Keep On Believing
A2 People Are Strange Machines
A3 The Way
A4 In The Back
A5 Virtually Real
B1 Third Dimension
B2 Out Of The Blue
B3 Chasing Rainbows / Modern Times
B4 It's Not You
B5 Saving Yourself
C1 Generation Suicide
C2 Dream On Baby
C3 Happen
D1 Disappointment
D2 In The Black(Demo)
D3 Dancing At Dawn(Demo)
D4 Can You Dig Me(Demo)

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