Cannibal Corpse - Butchered At Birth - Clear / Black Vinyl

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Limited clear colored vinyl LP pressing. Butchered At Birth is the controversial second album by Cannibal Corpse, originally issued in July of 1991 and banned in Germany and other countries due to it's violent artwork. In fact, the first pressing of the compact disc was wrapped in white butcher paper stamped with the band logo and featured the album's title in blood red ink. The cult favorite debuted the death metal sound which would become the band's trademark with grotesque numbers like "Meat Hook Sodomy," "Under the Rotted Flesh," "Covered with Sores," "and "Rancid Amputation."

A1. Meat Hook Sodomy
A2. Gutted
A3. Living Dissection
A4. Under The Rotted Flesh
B1. Covered With Sores
B2. Vomit The Soul
B3. Butchered At Birth
B4. Rancid Amputation
B5. Innards Decay

Barcode: 039842519111
Release Date: 2022

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