Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour (Cloud Nine Edition) - Vinyl

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Coloured Vinyl

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Limited sky-blue colored vinyl LP pressing. Celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Kacey Musgraves' Grammy Award-winning Album of the Year with this limited edition pressing. Golden Hour is the fourth studio album by Kacey Musgraves. She co-wrote all 13 tracks and co-produced the album with Daniel Tashian and Ian Fitchuk. A country pop record, Golden Hour also contains elements of disco, electropop, electronica, and yacht rock.

Track Listing:

1 Slow Burn
2 Lonely Weekend
3 Butterflies
4 Oh, What a World
5 Mother
6 Love Is a Wild Thing

1 Space Cowboy
2 Happy & Sad
3 Velvet Elvis
4 Wonder Woman
5 High Horse
6 Golden Hour
7 Rainbow

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