Sublime - 40 Oz. To Freedom - CD

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Blending a love of dancehall and rock-steady reggae rhythms with an aggressive punk ethos, Sublime amassed a nearly fanatical following across America, especially in the surf/skate communities. Their indie debut album is now considered a cult classic, spending nearly 70 weeks on Soundscan Alternative New Artist Albums Chart (more than half of that time in the Top 20). It hung out for 5 weeks on Billboard's Heatseeker chart and the edgy single, "Date Rape," was the #1 requested song for over 20 weeks in '95 on L.A.'s KROQ.

Track Listing:

1 Waiting for My Ruca
2 40Oz. to Freedom
3 Smoke Two Joints
4 We're Only Gonna Die for Our Arrogance
5 Don't Push
6 5446 That's My Number/Ball and Chain
7 Badfish
8 Let's Go Get Stoned
9 New Thrash
10 Scarlet Begonias
11 Live at E's
12 D.J.S
13 Chica Me Tipo
14 Right Back
15 What Happened
16 New Song
17 Ebin
18 Date Rape
19 Hope
20 Krs-One
21 Rivers of Babylon
22 Thanx

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