Tegan and Sara - Crybaby - Neapolitan Vinyl

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Crybaby - 12" Vinyl (Neapolitan) 12" Neapolitan LP in Gatefold Jacket - Produced by John Congleton, Sara Quin and Tegan Quin.

The duos 10th studio album, Crybaby consists of songs about change, and never changing, and the nostalgia aching in both their bones. First came the tears, then came Crybaby.

Track Listing:
1 I Can't Grow Up
2 All I Wanted
3 Fncking Up What Matters
4 Yellow
5 Smoking Weed Alone
6 Faded Like a Feeling
7 I'm Okay
8 Pretty Shitty Time
9 Under My Control
10 This Ain't Going Well
11 Sometimes I See Stars
12 Whatever That Was

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