Vince Staples - Ramona Park Broke My Heart - Vinyl

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Esteemed hip-hop artist Vince Staples follows up his intimate self-titled album with Ramona Park Broke My Heart.

"There's a direct correlation," Staples says of the two records. "They were kind of created at the same time. I was in a similar state of mind.

This album will make even more sense if you heard the previous one, but this one has more answers."

Long Beach's Ramona Park neighborhood is dear to Vince's heart. "It's symbolic of home," he says of why he dedicated the album to it.

Track Listing:
1 The Beach
2 Aye! (Free the Homies)
3 DJ Quik
4 Magic
5 Nameless
6 When Sparks Fly
7 East Point Prayer
8 Slide
9 Papercuts
10 Lemonade
11 Player Ways
12 Mama's Boy
13 Bang That
14 The Spirit of Monster Kody
15 Rose Street
16 The Blues

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